SermonAx is a place where pastors, evangelists, and teachers in the Church get helpful feedback on their sermons, lessons, and teaching.

This idea was born out of my own personal need for feedback on my sermons. Not long after I started pastoring a small church, I requested feedback from the church on my sermons, and didn’t receive any. I even went so far as to invite criticism, handing out a critique form for the church to use as they saw fit. I never received a single one back.

My church is very supportive of me as their pastor. They bless me in so many ways. They simply don’t know how to provide the kind of feedback that I need in order to grow in this area of my pastoral duties. Thus, the reason for this website.

I realized that I cannot possibly be the only teacher in the Church who could benefit from this kind of site. I pray that it will become a useful tool for young, inexperienced pastors such as myself, as well as those who have been in ministry for many years who desire to sharpen their ax a bit more.

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