Illustrate Everything

There are a few perspectives on using illustrations while preaching. Some think that you should stick to the Word, and and use the Word to illustrate the Word. Others think it’s okay to use other kinds of illustrations to explain the deeper truths of Scripture, but to be careful when doing so as to not stray into the trap of just telling stories.

And certainly we should keep of these perspectives in mind, learning from their wisdom.

But I utilize a slightly different perspective.

Illustrate everything.

Illustrate the deeper truths, and illustrate the simple truths. Illustrate that which is difficult to grasp, and illustrate that which is easily understood.

By illustrating complex truths, you make them understandable. By illustrating elementary truths, you help the people see them in a new light, and perhaps help them to appreciate and apply even the basics of the faith once again.

Jesus illustrated everything. He didn’t say anything without using a parable. Of course, the parables had a slightly different purpose, concealing truth from some while revealing to others, but it’s still interesting that Jesus told so many stories, even when they didn’t seem absolutely necessary to get his point across.

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