It’s funny how ideas are born.

I had the idea for this website about 5 years ago. I bought the domain name, set up the website, and even wrote about why I started the site. But then I let the site sit here and didn’t promote it, or add to it, or really even think about it much for 5 years.

But now, 5 years later, and after 5 years of preaching, I still think the idea for this site is needed, both for new preachers, as well as for myself.

I’m far from a seasoned preacher. I’m not sure when someone crosses that line, although I think we can all distinguish seasoned preachers just by hearing a few words uttered from a pulpit.

So I’m creating this site for all us preachers who need a little nudge in the right direction. I fully admit that I’m one such preacher, but I hope that I can also help other preachers, new and old, to be more faithful to God in their preaching.

The idea here is that we can all learn from each other. I’m going to be blogging about some major concepts regarding preaching and the preparation of sermons, and I invite other preachersĀ to contribute a blog post by sendingĀ it to me as well. But the main idea I had 5 years ago was for a place where we can actually listen to and give feedback on one another’s sermons. This will happen on the forums.

Even though I had this idea so long ago, it’s still in its infancy. It will probably change and develop over time, based on how it’s being used, but the main thing I think a lot of us preachers need is a resource to help with us with our preaching.

Please join me, and we’ll sharpen our axes together.